Swap that for this: Battle of the takeaways

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Easy ways to make healthier food choices during pregnancy

Takeaway boxes

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The takeaway and fast foods are often very high in saturated fat, salt and sugar which mean that they are packed with calories. Despite the portion sizes often being much bigger than what you'd cook at home it's often all too easy to scoff the lot!

During pregnancy it's important to maintain a balanced diet, steering clear of fatty junk food will benefit both you and baby. Eating healthily during pregnancy can also help your baby after it's born, reducing its risk of being overweight which can lead to heart disease and type 2 diabetes later in life.

Whilst takeaway foods are not a healthy option to eat regularly, there are ways to cut down on the calories whilst still indulging in a Friday night feast.

Burger and Chips
Have a burger without cheese and avoid fatty sauces such as mayonnaise. Instead of beef try a chicken or veggie burger and swap the greasy chips for a fresh salad. Make sure any meat is thoroughly cooked through.

Rather than picking a pizza loaded with extra cheese and pepperoni go for healthier toppings such as peppers, mushrooms or chicken. Opt for a thin and crispy base and avoid stodgy doughy bases that will leave you feeling bloated.

Tandoori dishes without sauce are a healthier alternative to a creamy korma. Pick lentil and vegetable dishes and don't go overboard with the naan bread.

Avoid deep fried dishes such as prawn toast, spring rolls and meats cooked in batter. A vegetable dish with broccoli, carrot, peppers and pak choi is a much healthier alternative.

Rather than opting for a greasy doner kebab smothered in sauce try a chicken shish kebab with salad instead.

For more information on pregnancy health and advice go to www.nhs.uk/Start4Life
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