About to become a dad? Tips on how you can help out after the birth

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It's important that dad bonds with the new arrival

Dad holding new born baby

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It's important that dads bond with their new baby just as much as mums. Here are a few tips to help dads get involved

Things dads can do with baby
- Take baby out and give the pram a test drive around the block

- Once breastfeeding has been established your partner could express breast milk so that you can feed the baby during the night or first thing in the morning

- Giving the baby a bath can be a wonderful experience. Especially if you have one together!

Things dads can do for mum
- Make your partner breakfast in the morning and make sure you have some too!

- Give your culinary talents a go, it's important for you both to eat well as you adjust to the physical demands of coping with a new baby

- Once baby is in bed, have a cuddle on the sofa in front of a chick flick. She'll appreciate it. Die Hard 12 can wait

- Bring her a drink of water whilst she's breastfeeding - feeding the baby is thirsty work

- Help out with housework - it's quite therapeutic, especially if you have some Led Zeppelin playing in the background

- Run her a bath or offer to take baby for a while so that she can take her time in the shower

- If you have other children,go on a day trip with them so that she can spend some one on one time with the new baby

For more information on pregnancy health and advice go to www.nhs.uk/Start4Life
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