Boost your energy and prepare for labour and birth

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Feeling lethargic? Here are our tips for staying energised and positive

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Growing your baby can make you feel tired.

150 minutes of gentle exercise per week during your pregnancy can help ease bloating and swelling and also build your body's strength in preparation for the physical demands of labour and birth.

Regular exercise can also help you feel more positive and give you a better night's sleep. We've come up with some easy ways for you to boost your energy and improve the way you feel.

Head out for a walk
Taking a stroll round the block or heading down to your local park for half an hour can increase the flow of oxygen round your body, giving you a lift. Being out in the sunshine and fresh air will naturally make you feel positive.

Try out some basic pregnancy yoga poses - you can find tutorials online. This can help strengthen your muscles. The deep breathing exercises associated with yoga and pilates are also great practise for the big day.

Sleep well
Ideally, try to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night throughout your pregnancy. Taking time to rest is beneficial for your energy and mood. As your bump gets bigger, getting comfortable at night might become a problem. Try arranging cushions and pillows to support your bump and allow yourself time to wind down before you try and drift off.

Include plenty of fibre in your diet
Fresh fruit and vegetables, smoothies and wholegrain foods such as cereals and brown bread are all great for boosting your energy whilst helping to stop you feel bloated and sluggish.

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