All you need to know about your postnatal check up

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See your GP for advice on contraception, diet, and postnatal depression

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Around six weeks after your baby is born, you'll be invited along to a postnatal check up. This is too make sure you're feeling well and recovering as you should be.

Some appointments will take place at the hospital or midwifery unit where you gave birth, but otherwise you'll probably see your GP.

If you've had any problems or come up with any questions since your baby has been born, write them down in a list so that you don't forget what you want to ask.

Your GP will talk to you about different types of contraception available to you. You might want to try something new, for example a coil or the injection rather than the pill. Your doctor or nurse will be able to offer plenty of advice to help you decide what's right for you.

During your check up you'll be weighed and your urine will be tested to make sure that your kidneys are functioning properly. Your blood pressure will also be checked.

If you'd like some advice on healthy postnatal weight loss, you can get information about diet and fitness at your appointment too.

If you had stitches, you may be offered an examination to see if they've healed and to check that all the muscles used during labour and birth are getting back to normal.

If you've been feeling low, lethargic or depressed, make sure you take the opportunity to speak with your doctor. It's not unusual to feel weepy during the first few weeks of motherhood but your doctor will be able to offer help and support if they feel it's something more serious.

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