12 things you didn't know about eating your placenta

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January Jones and Kim Kardashian are fans, but as health fears are raised over it's safety - is eating your placenta really a good idea?

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Eating your placenta after having a baby is on the rise as new mums seek out the supposed health and mood-boosting benefits.

Not for the squeamish, celeb mums like January Jones said taking pills made up of her placenta after giving birth helped her beat the baby blues, while Kim Kardashian was interested in the youth preserving properties.

However new heath fears have been raised over if the practice is actually safe.

According to the BBC, The Independent Placenta Encapsulation Network (IPEN), based in Herts, may be shut down by Dacorum Borough Council over concerns that bacteria present in the placenta could be hazardous to women.

However women who have tried it report they experienced no negative side effects.

Want to know more? Here's some top facts (and one disgusting but funny video) about eating placenta...

Facts about eating placenta

1. Animals do it. Placentophagy (that's what it's called) is common among land animals with only humans and camels not partaking.

2. It is believed to balance a new mother's hormones and increase her energy levels due to the oxygen and nutrients that are pumped through it during pregnancy.

3. Human placentophagy was first published in the 1970s and was believed to have coincided with the home birth movement of that time.

4. It's not just about home cooking. Some extremists like to cook it up into food or eat it raw (we're not joking) where as others have it dehydrated and turned into pills (as January Jones did).

5. A placenta weighs about one to three pounds (see video below if you want to see what one looks like).

6. Advocates suggest it enhances a mother's natural milk supply.

7. There is limited scientific evidence to back up the claims that it is good for the mother.

8. 100-200 placenta pills could be made from one placenta.

9. When it's cooked with onions, apparently it tastes like liver.

10. It is believed to help stop post-natal depression, although this has not been proven medically.

11. If you don't want to keep your placenta or donate it to science (yes you can do that too) - the hospital will incinerate it.

12. Want to see how you make placenta pills? *Warning* this video actually shows cooking placenta...

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