5 things to consider doing before having a baby

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Having a baby is a big life-changing, exciting step and is one of the greatest achievements but there are things to consider before having your first. Here's a few to tick off your to-do list.

Taking the parenthood plunge is a big step as well as an extremely exciting time.

Whether having babies is in the distant future or something you're considering right this second, there are a few things we might fancy doing first.

From going on a dream vacay to buying a stylish but highly impractical car, try ticking these off the life-list before baby.

Plan an exotic trip before baby

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Many people might be content with a few budget holidays here and there but the more adventurous of us might feel they'd someday like to travel somewhere a little more exotic.

Places like India have epic holiday potential but aren't the most sanitary of places. Rough and ready conditions equals bad for a baby, so plan a trip before.

Whether it be swimming with pigs in the Bahamas or going somewhere far off field, the memories will stay with you forever.

Buy a dream car before baby

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Dream cars aren't usually that practical, so whether it has room for a baby seat or not, if you've got the dosh, why not consider a fun car that'll make you feel more girl racer than soccer mum.

And if funds don't permit, just take one out for a spin on a test drive...

Live and work abroad before baby

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There's no denying it, living abroad for a while deepens our understanding of the world and opens our eyes to different cultures, so when you eventually head back home you'll more than likely have broadened your horizons.

Working in another country can also make for an impressive, varied CV, and will make you an even more open-minded worker bee.

Plus, what you've learned from your travels will help you raise one cultured baby.

Establish your career before baby

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Before planning a family, concentrate on what you'd really love to do career-wise and where you'd really like to be on that ladder.

No matter what anyone says, it's a great feeling being satisfied with your career.

Feeling fulfilled will make for an even happier future mum to boot.

Get on the property ladder before baby

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Ok, so we know this isn't always feasible in the current economic climate, but if you can afford to do it, get your very own place to set up a nest.

Renting's all well and good, but it's easier to put down roots now, instead of when you're house hunting with a pram to push.

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