I've reached the second trimester - it's time to shop for my baby

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There's a long list of things I want to buy. First up will be the pram...

Silver Cross 3D Classic Pram Rouge
It's week 17 of my pregnancy and my bump is showing! I've been shopping for maternity clothes in the last couple of weeks and I like my new clothes, they are so comfortable and my bump looks beautiful.

Now it's time to shop for baby. Last weekend I made a long list of all things baby will need – from sleep suits to a pushchair. I have even done research on the internet to decide which brand of pushchair and car seat we want and where we can get everything for the best price. So in the next couple of months we are going to do baby shopping. I like to prepare everything in my second trimester, as I feel very energetic. I don't want to rush to the shops at the end of my pregnancy as it would be very tiring.

I have started to go to the swimming pool once a week and I feel so energetic after the session. And the sunny half term week was amazing – we went for a walk with the kids every day. I want to keep fit and not put on a lot of weight like I did in my previous two pregnancies. So roll on spring, sun and long evenings – I need to walk more!

Galina is 32 years old and is due to give birth in August 2013. She's married and has 2 children aged 6 and 4.

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