Expecting soon? Reasons why it's great to have a summer baby

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Enjoy bumping this summer just like the Duchess of Cambridge!

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If you're expecting this summer, it's likely that you'll be experiencing the same ups and downs as the Duchess of Cambridge herself. Kate Middleton is due in just nine weeks so your little one could even end up sharing a birthday with royalty!

Although you might not have Kate's designer wardrobe there are still plenty of perks to having a summer baby...

1. Salad days!
With the warmer weather here there's plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in season. Make yourself a tasty salad with sweet cherry tomatoes and snack on strawberries - getting your 5 a day has never been more enjoyable!

2. Floaty fabrics
Dressing your bump in the summer is much easier than bundling up in a coat throughout the winter. You can stay looking stylish in a maxi dress and allow swollen feet to breathe in flip flops and sandals.

3. Fun in the sun
When the sun is shining, exercise can be fun and effortless. Heading out for a stroll seems much more inviting when it's warm and bright outside. Head down to your local park or to the beach for an active day out in the sunshine - just don't forget your lotion and bottled water.

4. Less coughs, colds and bugs
During the warmer months you're less likely to catch a cold which is good news for you during your pregnancy and also for your new baby.

5. It's easy to get out and about with baby
Once you've given birth, taking your newborn outside either in a pram or baby carrier is quick and easy as they don't need to be overly wrapped up if the weather is warm. Make sure baby is wearing lightweight clothes and a sunhat and keep them in the shade. It's a good idea to bring along a light blanket and sunshade for your pram.

For more information on pregnancy health and advice go to www.nhs.uk/Start4Life
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