Only 10 weeks to go - my sisters are planning a monkey themed baby shower

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With 10 weeks to go I'm feeling a little nervous but my family are keeping me occupied

Cuddly toy monkeys
I am now 30 weeks pregnant, only another 10 weeks to go until my due date and I'm starting to feel a little bit nervous! I have nearly got everything for my baby now except for a few little bits and pieces.

My sisters are planning my baby shower but are not giving much away, except that it is a monkey themed shower! I cannot wait to see what they have got planned for it.

The skin on my ever growing bump is now starting to get a bit itchy! I have read up on this and it is fairly common as your skin is stretching. I've found the best way to soothe this is lots and lots of moisturiser, this should also help with stretch marks.

This week I went out with my work colleagues for a leaving do. The baby was very still all night long until I got in to bed, it then wouldn't stop moving! I think I got the baby hyper from all drinking Pepsi's all night and the loud music!

I had my 3D scan a couple of weeks ago. It was so cute seeing my baby's face and trying to guess the baby's sex again. The scan lasted about 45 minutes. Although baby kept turning his/her face into the placenta, the midwife managed to get a few good shots of his/her facethem. It seems baby has my nose and Luke's lips!

I can't wait to see the baby for real now and to start life's great adventure together!

Kelly is 20 years old and is pregnant for the first time.

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