How to go for the healthier option when eating out

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If you're being treated to a meal out try these simple swaps for a healthier option

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Throughout pregnancy it's important to eat a well balanced diet and avoid lots of fatty and sugary foods. The healthier you are during pregnancy, the easier you'll find getting back into shape after the birth.

Lots of fast food restaurants, takeaways, sandwich shops, and coffee shops now make it much easier to check how many calories are in your food by displaying calorie information on menus, helping you to make healthier choices.

Here are our tips for healthy eating when you're out and about

- Try swapping fried rice for steamed rice, or fried noodles for boiled noodles. and give other steamed dishes on the menu such as vegetables and chicken a go.

- Dishes made using tomato or vegetable sauces usually contain less fat than ones with cheesy or creamy sauces.

- If you love pizza, try swapping a cheese-stuffed crust to one with a thin, crispy crust instead and choose lower fat toppings such as vegetables, chicken or tuna.

- Try to steer clear of fried starters like garlic mushrooms and instead go for a tasty soup, which contains much less fat and will also fill you up.

- When ordering go for a standard or regular sized portion and don't be tempted to super-size or opt for the larger portion. Eat for you, not for two!

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