How to prepare your children for a new brother or sister

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Help your kids feel involved in your pregnancy and prepared for a new baby

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Already have children? Whatever their age there will be lots of feeling toward a new arrival to the family. Older children may show signs of jealousy whilst younger children might be very excited and full of questions.

Making your children feel involved with the pregnancy will help them adjust to the change. When you're shopping for baby supplies take your little ones with you so they can help put things in the trolley.

You can even ask them to help decorate or make something special for the baby's nursery.

It might be a good idea to explain the stages of your pregnancy and how little brother or sister is growing and changing.

When it comes to preparing younger children, explain that new babies need lots of time and attention and that they might cry a lot.

Reassure your children that although things might be different for a while, you'll still feel the same way about them.

Exercising and eating well is important for the whole family and essential for a healthy pregnancy. Getting children involved with cooking healthy meals or taking a trip to the local park means you can all have fun and be active together.

Don't forget, you'll need to have childcare sorted for when you go into hospital to have your baby,

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