Top tips for making flying with a baby easy

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Flying long haul is a pain at the best of times but when you're also with your baby, say goodbye to sleeping during the flight. Here's 5 ways to stay sane during the long flight.

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Flying with your baby is easier said that done. It's hard enough for us to stay in one place for hours on end, let alone a little person who needs plenty to keep them occupied.

There's no need to worry though because with a little planning and prep, you can turn your baby into a jet-setter before they can even say 'aeroplane'.

We've got a 5 ways to make the whole expedition that little bit easier.

Pick a top notch airline

Not all airlines offer the same levels of service or have the same amount of leg room.

Since there's usually some choice of companies on most routes, it's worth considering more than just the cheapest fare when thinking about who to book with.

Book a good flight time

Have a look at the flight times for your destination and try to pick a time that might suit your baby's routine best.

That might mean getting to the airport at an ungodly hour but the pay off will be that your little one will most likely nap most of the flight.

Bring everything but the kitchen sink

You'll probably be used to carrying a whole lotta baby kit with you by now and it couldn't be more of a necessity than on a flight.

Bring nappies, drinks, snacks, extras for you and layers for them.

There's also nothing worse than being in dull delays and lengthy queues having nothing to entertain so bring plenty of things to fiddle with.

Tackling tears

Travelling is stressful for everyone and some babies aren't able to cope with changes in scenery and routine.

Plenty of cuddles, giving them something to suck to relieve air pressure problems, walking the aisles or adding or removing a layer of clothes can help to soothe.

But sometimes there's nothing you can do to stop the crying but never fret as most other travellers will sympathise with your dilemma.

Ask cabin crew for help

Don't be afraid to ask for help on the flight as cabin crews are trained to be baby-friendly and are usually more than happy to lend a much needed hand.

They can help you get comfortable, bring you water to mix up a bottle, throw out your ever accumulating pile of nappies, grab extras out of your bag and even hold the little tinker so you can nip to the loo.

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