Gisele Bündchen and baby Vivian Lake Brady enjoy early morning yoga session

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She might be a top model, but there are loads of reasons to pose with your little one...

Gisele Bündchen

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Gisele Bündchen is a famous advocate of child's pose and sun salutations, but it seems her little girl Vivian Lake Brady has jumped on the yoga bandwagon too. Top model Gisele posted this adorable picture on her Instagram account with the caption, "Good morning! Getting ready for work. #quickmeditation #grateful" We love the fact she's using a baby play mat instead of a yoga mat - just because she's a multi-millionaire doesn't mean she can't be resourceful!

Of course, nine month old Vivian isn't ready for any serious stretches, but some experts believe mother and baby yoga sessions can reduce stress, aid sleep, strengthen baby and encourage stronger bonding.

Thinking of giving postnatal yoga a try? Here are five reasons why both you and your baby will benefit...

1. Coping with change: Your body goes through massive changes during pregancy - your hips change, your pelvis is disrupted, your stomach is pushed and prodded. Congratualtions, you've managed to push a baby out of your va-jay-jay, so you're officially on to a winner. You can't expect your body to just instantly bounce back (despite everything the A-list celebs tell you), so postnatal yoga will help you strengthen, tone and reconnect with your body without the baby belly.

2. Learn to relax: Yoga and meditation are great ways to relax and reduce stress, which is something you're bound to be feeling with a newborn baby. You'll be taught breathing techniques to hep combat stress and exhaustion, while encouraging blood flow to your muscles and boosting your natural energy levels.

3. Work your stomach and pelvic floor: Your stomach, pelvis and lower back are seriously disrupted during pregnancy, but postnatal yoga will help you get back to 'normal'. Your teacher will guide you through poses that realign your spine and pelvis, reducing the likeliness of back ache and freeing-up any tension in your hips. You'll also be required to engage your core and work your abdominal muscles - a safe and effective way to smooth your stomach.

4. Baby bonding: Mother and baby yoga classes encourage bonding between parent and child using various breathing techniques. One of these is to hold your baby tight to your chest and concentrate on heartbeats, so the two of you are as in-sync as possible. Plus, baby yoga classes are a great opportunity for you to meet other new mums in a similar situation.

5. Baby boost and bedtime: Yes, we know they're just babies rolling on the floor, but some experts believe that gentle stretching can result in improved digestion, better sleep, reduced colic, more peaceful sleep and better mental development. You might also be asked to dance, move and sing with your baby to stimulate their senses. One key movement that is regularly used is 'tummy time', giving babies the chance to explore on their stomachs while at the same time strengthening their spines for crawling and walking.

The facts: If you've had a vaginal birth you might be able to start classes six weeks after birth, but it's always best to listen to your own body and consult your doctor if you feel any pain. If you had a caesarean section it's suggested you wait up to ten weeks. You can search for classes local to you on the YogaBellies website or search for smaller, independent classes in your area.

What do you think? Will you be taking your baby to yoga classes?



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