Supermodel Lara Stone's tips on pregnancy and post-baby weight

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In an interview with Net-a-Porter's The Edit, the gorgeous supermodel and new mum Lara Stone let's us in on some of her best pregnancy tips.

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As one of the most gorgeous supermodels and a celebrity mum, who wouldn't want to take Lara Stone's pregnancy advice?

In a recent interview, the supermodel with some serious enviable curves, talked to Net-a-Porter's The Edit to talk pregnancy and post-baby insecurities, and we liked what she had to say.

Here are her best tips on pregnancy and gaining post-baby body confidence.

Lara Stone's pregnancy diet and exercise regime

Lara ate what she wanted during pregnancy and she's not afraid to say she loved it. That a girl.

"During my pregnancy, I wasn't exercising a lot...I was in maternity wear at nine weeks. I was just eating whatever I wanted; I wasn't being careful about that at all. I was huge. Maybe in hindsight… No, I don't give a s***. It was great!"

Lara Stone on birth plans

Lara concentrated on what the end goal was and wasn't too hung up on a particular birth plan. Nice work.

"Who gives a s*** if you had an epidural or a C-section or you just breathed through it? The reward at the end of it isn't that you can say to your friends, 'I had a natural birth.' Your reward is that you have a beautiful, healthy baby. It's so sad that people then get depressed and disappointed about 'failing'."

Lara Stone on parenting

Take comfort in the fact that even Lara Stone didn't know what she was doing when her baby was born.

"You feel so vulnerable after you've just had a baby. It's brand new – they don't come with a manual! You just have this child and (then it's), "You have a good day, bye! Off you go!'"

Lara Stone's post-baby healthy routine

Lara's post baby workout and diet routine was all based around health, and not getting thin quickly. We're all for celebs losing their baby weight the healthy way.

"...My body still felt different...It was about getting healthy. So that's the eating aspect of things – which I'm not always good at, I go through stages – and then there's the going to the gym aspect. It's a whole change in lifestyle. I feel a lot more balanced. My energy is much steadier. I feel stronger and more confident."

Lara Stone's post-baby body confidence

Screw the arm flab and saggy boobs. Instead Lara's concentrating on the achievement of having a healthy baby. And we love her for it.

"Everyone's got arm flab or saggy boobs. It's the way it is. I'm just trying to accept it right now. And it's OK, because the things women can do with their bodies are amazing."

"You have to sit there and really think about it: 'Oh, I grew this little person's fingernails in my tummy.' After that, do you really give a s*** about arm flab? Because I don't."

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