5 day beauty countdown to your wedding

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It is the week before Kim Kardashian's wedding. No doubt she'll be counting down with this bridal beauty calendar.

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Kim Kardashian gets married this weekend, but regardless of whether you are a mega wealthy celeb bride, or just your average, run-of-the-mille bride, everyone needs a plan.

Follow this guide to ensure your beauty regime is on schedule before your big day.

5 Days Before
Time for a facial - but only one that you have tried and tested in the run up to your wedding. Now is not the time to try a chemical peel for the first time.

Have you got all the makeup and hair bits and bobs you need? If you are doing it yourself - now is the time for a last minute run through. Practice makes perfect and will ensure you have everything.

4 Days Before
Waxing time. You should have done a test run on your waxing treatments and adjusted the recovery time accordingly. Allow a minimum of three days for redness and bumps to go down.

Ditch the makeup. In order to get your skin lovely and flawless stop wearing the slap and let your skin breathe, also give up alcohol and any other dehydrating things like salt and coffee.

3 Days Before
Get your eyebrows shaped. This gives you a couple of days for those red marks to disappear.

Exfoliate your skin - especially if you having a fake tan. A couple of days of scrubbing will leave you looking polished.

2 Days Before
Time to get your tan on. This should be a spray tan you have tried in the past and are confident with. If you are super confident in your tanner's capabilities, then you can risk it and go the day before.

Go and get your final manicure. Know what kind of colour you want to go for before you rock up in the salon and get crazy ideas about orange bridal nails.

Use an overnight hair treatment to nourish and make your hair super shiny and soft.

The day before
Use a radiance mask on your skin (altogether now - one you have tested before) to give your skin a lovely glow the following day.

Up your intake of fruit, water and protein to give you energy through the big day (and cut out all those nasty bloating foods).

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