What is hair toner and why does your hair colour need it?

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If highlights are for vanity…toner is for sanity.

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Toner is a useful tool in a hair technician's box of tricks. It can not only refresh that brassy colour in between dye-jobs, but help you to achieve the hair colour you've always wanted.

"If you have any bleach in your hair - ranging from full on platinum blonde to subtle highlights," explains Handbag.com expert Emily Kent, makeup artist and founder of the The Wedding Hair Company, "you need to be making sure that your stylist knows what they are doing…and make sure they are in fact using it at all."

What does toner do?

"It has the power to buy you extra time and money between appointments by cleverly blending and softening existing highlights," says Emily.

"It can give you the hair colour of your dreams by adding new multi dimensional tones to previous highlights.

And for us hairdressers, it is an incredibly powerful tool for evening out the colour throughout the whole length of the hair when a client presents a technical challenge, for example, when changing hair from dark to light. Take into the equation there is usually multi layers of colour applied over the years, plus natural regrowth….you need all the help you can get!

The colour of your hair post bleach is all that is left behind once it has done its job and been rinsed off. Toner is where you really start to get the shade you desire, as toner will grab onto this newly lifted hair, and inject colour into it.

Its very rare that hair will just lift to the perfect shade in one hit, and the more seamless the blend between different shades on the head looks, the more work has actually gone into it. Thus the value of a good stylist who knows their stuff."

What you need to know before your next hair appointment

  • Has your stylist been using toner?

  • Can you begin to reduce the amount of harsh chemicals by cleverly using toner?

  • Do you know the history of your previous hair dye jobs?

  • Does your hair have a habit of going brassy between visits? Could you get away with a quick 'toner and blow-dry' appointment therefore getting longer out of your more expensive services?

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