Festival hair and beauty lessons from Coachella 2014

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The celebs at Coachella have got us thinking about our festival hair and makeup already. Some have got summer beauty spot on, others have taken the whole vibe too far.

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From coloured hair to statement lipstick and accessories, we're letting the celebs at Coachella teach us just how to perfect our festival hair and beauty.

Katy Perry and Kendall Jenner will guide you through your summer choices.

Remember the messy top knot is your friend

When your hair won't behave and it hasn't been washed in however many days - don't fight it, embrace it the 'I woke up like this' vibe.

Take a tip from Beyoncé, cover it in dry shampoo, pile it up in a messy top knot and try the bandana trend.

Try coloured hair

Whether you're a fan of Katy Perry's 'slime green' hairdo, a festival is certainly the place to give it a go.

Laura Whitmore even did hers DIY style with red lipstick so you won't have to deal with any regrets you may have.

Katy Perry - coachella - 2014 - best dressed - festival fashion - handbag.com

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There's a fine line with accessories

We love a bandana and if you're not game to try it out in regular life, a festival is the perfect opportunity.

However, some celebs took the whole, 'we're at Coachella and thus are hippies' vibe too far. Kendall Jenner we're looking at you.

Well, we would be if we could stop looking at that giant nose ring.

Have fun with your nails

Coachella nail art has been a thing to behold.

From Alessandra Ambrosia's scenic nails to Louise Roe's Aztec print, it's the place to play around.

alessandra ambrosio - nails - coachella - 2014 - best dressed - festival fashion - handbag.com

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You can never go wrong with braids

From single plaits to a mess of overlapping braids, nothing says festival like criss-crossed hair.

Rita Ora went typically understated with this look. For most we'd recommend toning it down a touch.

Less is more with makeup

In a place like Coachella, you're makeup is mostly just going to slide down your face.

Not a good look. Fresh-faced and protected from the sun, yes.

Very thick eyeliner...not so much.

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