Best remedies for dehydrated and dry skin

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From the causes and treatments of dry skin, to the difference between body lotions, butters and oils, here's everything you need to know about skin hydration.

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Whether your skin is naturally dry rather than oily, or if you've been out in the elements for too long, there's a whole load of ways to treat and hydrate your dryness.

Drink plenty of water to hydrate skin

The body is made up of 70% water, which is essential for keeping skin and lips hydrated. You'll never truly resolve your dry skin problem without rehydrating your body from the inside out.

Things to avoid with dry skin

Sun exposure, cold weather, central heating and air conditioning all contribute to dry skin. As do very hot baths and showers, bouts of illness, poor diet and dehydration. If your skin is very dry, it's also worth swapping chemical based cosmetics for natural and organic alternatives, to eliminate harsh alcohols, preservatives and soapy ingredients.

How to apply moisturiser properly

Whether you're using a body lotion, butter or oil, it's always best to apply your moisturiser to slightly damp skin. This will help lock in more water, before it evaporates from the upper layers. If your skin is very dry, moisturise a few times through out the day, otherwise morning and evening should be sufficient.

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Exfoliating dry skin

If your dry skin is raw, painful or prone to cracking and bleeding (eczema for example), don't try exfoliating and always see a GP. If you're just feeling a bit flaky however, giving your skin a scrub will help slough away the top layers, leaving fresh skin underneath that will absorb moisture better.

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Moisturising lotions for dry skin

If you're not a fan of thick or gloopy body creams, lotions are the answer. Though they're not recommended for very dry skin, a thin lotion should be enough to sooth and hydrate if you're feeling a little parched.

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Body butters for dry skin

Body butter formulations tend to be richer in nourishing oils than lotions, but can be more quickly absorbed than a body oil. If you have very dry skin, look for a butter or thick cream that doesn't use harsh chemicals, alcohol or fragrance.

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Body oil for dry skin

If your skin gets dry quickly, an oil can act as a barrier against the environment (which speeds up the evaporation of water from your skin), locking in moisture while also nourishing the top layers. Look for oils that use natural ingredients for the best effects.

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