Beauty myths about spots, skincare and anti-ageing debunked

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When it comes to skincare there's a lot of advice, but how much of it is actually true? We've sorted fact from fiction.

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Whether you've got problem skin or are desperate for a miracle cure to anti-ageing, we've got the info you need.

This way you can make sure you're not doing things that are about as effective as a rain dance or worse.

Toothpaste gets rid of spots

Although toothpaste will often dry spots out the irritation it can cause to the skin can make them stick around much longer than they would have if you'd left them alone.

The cleaner skin the better

Skin has a natural barrier of oils, fats and water to protect it against the elements like bacteria and environmental pollutants.

Washing with soap based products strips away that protection, and it can take up to eight hours for this barrier to rebuild!

Stick to facial cleansers.

SPF is just for the sunny days

The best piece of advice we've had about SPF has to be, 'never underestimate an overcast day.'

In the summer this is especially important, but even in the winter SPF in your daily moisture is a must if you want to slow down ageing. The proportion of UVA, which has an impact on skin ageing, actually increases in winter.

If you're already asking when you should start using anti ageing creams you better be wearing SPF!

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Natural beauty products are best

Skincare guru Liz Earle thinks some products need to have some parabens in them to keep much more harmful bacteria at bay.

That said, a lot of people say going sulphate-free is a big plus for their hair.

Shaving makes hair come back thicker and darker

If that were true men with baldies in their family would be shaving their heads all the time! It is the stubbly feeling and appearance that makes people feel that it does.

Generally hair grows back at 1cm/month. It is true that over time waxing will damage hair follicles making hair grow back finer.

So, if you can deal with the pain...

Use the same line of products for best results

Companies would love this to be true, but in truth different products will always act differently so there's no reason to think that every product from one brand will work best for you.

Looking for winter face cream, eye cream? Shop around!

Junk food leads to acne

Although it's not good for you, there's no serious medical evidence to prove that this is true.

That said,for general health we'd sooner recommend a Millie Mackintosh style green super juice than a greasy pizza.

We are aware of what a rubbish alternative that is. Sorry.

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