10 Tips for revitalising tired post-party festival skin

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The festival season is upon us and it's about to show on our faces. Even if you're not off to Glastonbury, the summer is full of drinking and late nights. Revitalise your skin with these tips.

Festival goer at Camp Bestival
With summer upon us, most of us with find ourselves having a few too many drinks as we make the most of those extra daylight hours - your skin will notice.

Now, we're certainly not wishing the warm(ish) months away, but it's worth giving it some consideration already.

Who wouldn't want to look a touch more revived in all their holiday snaps?

And getting back to work after a serious blow out at a festival is hard enough without all your pain showing in your skin as well as your eyes.

10 ways to look after post-party skin

1. Skincare regime

It's time to invest both some time and some money in a proper skin regime. If you still sometimes go to sleep with your make-up on, perfecting a nightly cleansing and moisturising routine will change your life.

As easy as it is to forget, even when you're at a festival you should try and take your makeup off. Usually we don't vote for face wipes, but needs must.

2. Breathing

Try and improve your breathing, it will feed your skin cells with oxygen.

3. Water

It's an age old piece of advise but giving your skin moisture from the inside will be a big help, especially in these winter months.

Indoor heating systems are very drying...as is alcohol! Make sure you've got enough water at your camp site.

4. Sleep

Another classic, sleep will give your body, and therefore your skin time to recover from some of those late nights and toxins you've been treating yourself to.

This is one to save for your return from your tent to a real bed.

5. Circulation

Give yourself a facial massage to relax and unwind - this will help stimulate blood circulation and keep skin soft, smooth and youthful.

6. DIY Facial

The best way to know what you're putting on your skin, is to make it yourself. Why not try one of these organic DIY facials?

7. External Detox

Give your skin a detox by switching to organic skincare.

When undergoing a 'detox' and switching to organic skincare products, it is common to experience a period of adjustment where the skin is cleansing itself of man-made chemicals, it could take two to three weeks before there is a visible difference to the skin.

8. Internal Detox

You are what you eat/drink is especially appropriate when it comes to your skin. You'll notice the difference on the outside if you change what you're putting inside.

9.Make-up free

Try giving your skin a break from make-up it and dare to bare for a few days, or switch to non-clogging organic mineral powders.

10. Exfoliate

For the body use a body brush and body scrub to revive the skin and moisturise.

Tips provided by the founder of Green People, Charlotte Vøhtz.



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