How to care for your skin during long haul flights

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Planning a holiday but dreading how the long haul flight will affect your skin? Here's some expert advice to keep your skin happy and healthy.

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From dehydration to varicose veins, long haul flights wreak havoc with your skin.

But luckily, we've got some good advice from skin experts so you can help prevent the nasty effects of flying on the way to next holiday.

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Exfoliate your skin before the flight

Sarah Strang, UK spokesperson for La Sultane de Saba, says:

"The morning you go on holiday, gently exfoliate your face to remove the top layer of dead skin cells as this can help your moisturiser absorb better into the skin."

Cleanse skin before the flight

Dr Stefanie Williams MD, Dermatologist from European Dermatology London says:

"Take some wet wipes to remove make-up fully before you go to sleep. However, because wet wipes are not ideal (they can leave potentially irritating leftovers on the skin), also make sure to bring some thermal water spray (e.g. La Roche Posay Thermal water spray).

So after removing the make-up with the wet wipes, spray your face with generous amounts of Thermal water and tap dry with a paper towel."

Avoid dehydration by moisturising

Caron Vetter, MD of the Belmore Centre, says:

"Remaining at a high altitude for a long duration means the body obtains less oxygen leaving your skin tired, dry and in need of some TLC. Apply a light skin hydration spray or a moisturiser once or twice during the flight. Your skin will remain silky and soft for when you touch down."

Prevent swollen feet and thread veins

Dr Stefanie Williams MD, Dermatologist says:

"During long-haul flights, the ankles often swell, which in the long term increases the risk of thread veins and even varicose veins (not to mention the risk of thrombosis on long-haul flights).

For that reason make sure to wiggle your toes and do regular ankle exercises throughout the flight. Ideally you would also wear compression stockings, which are easy go buy online.

Another good tip to lower the risk of thrombosis is to top up your omega-3 fatty acid stores in the body prior to the flight (Omega-3 thins the blood). You can do this by eating lots of oily fish or taking some fish oil supplements containing EPA and DHA for a couple of weeks prior to flying. "

Banish puffiness around the eyes

Sarah Strang, UK spokesperson for La Sultane de Saba, says:

"A handy little tip I have learnt to help banish puffiness and water retention in the face is to ask your flight crew for a napkin and an ice cube. Wrap the ice cube in the napkin and very carefully smooth over the face keeping it moving at all times. Be very gently around the delicate eye area. This can really help combat puffiness associated with long haul flights"

Caron Vetter, MD of the Belmore Centre, advises:

"The constantly changing time zones and you're eating and sleeping patterns can have an impact on your weary eyes. To reduce blood shot eyes and puffiness try and keep on top of your sleep and keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Try and avoid applying heavy eye make-up; a colourful lipstick just before you land will detracts from tired eyes."

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