The ultimate beauty and makeup trends and crimes to avoid in 2014

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The votes are in and the nation has picked it's worst beauty looks - the Scouse brow begone!

Coleen Rooney models her A/W 2013 collection for Littlewoods
It's 2014 and if you don't keep any other New Year's resolution, at least keep this one: Never repeat any of these beauty crimes.

The nation has voted and there are some beauty trends and mistakes that need to be stamped out for good.

We've already told you the party beauty crimes to avoid - but just because you may not be heading out on the tiles as much, it doesn't mean you may not still me making some awkward makeup mistakes.

Avoid the Scouse Brow

Eyebrows are still having their day in the beauty sun, but when it comes to how to deal with them, overly plucked or the severe filled in lines of the 'Scouse brow' are very much OUT.

Make like Cara Delevingne and give your natural brows a boost, just go easy on the tweezers and blend pencil from from the centre.

Cara Delevingne attends closing of Charlotte Tilbury's House of Rock n Khol at Selfridges - strong eyebrows -

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Cara does the power brow the current way

Avoid foundation tide marks

One of the other makeup mistakes to get the nations' votes was foundation tide marks.

The easiest way to steer clear of this is simply making sure you've got the right colour for your skin.

Cheating a tan with foundation that's too dark is not a good idea and remember to BLEND.

Avoid spidery, clumpy mascara

Repeat after us, 'you are not Twiggy'.

Spidery, clumpy mascara has had it's time and nowadays it just looks cheap.

It happens most often with mascara that's dried out and old, check out these party mascaras if you're in the market.


It took a very special lady and the trend of a decade to pull this off

Avoid matching your face to your lips

Nude makeup trends are very alluring, there's a certain sophistication to come from these camel shades.

However, matching your mouth to your face is a bad, bad move.

The temptation to use concealer as lippy must be resisted as all costs.

Avoid patchy or extreme fake tan

Dark, cold winter weather has us dreaming of bikinis and sunshine, and for some that send them straight for the fake tan.

If you are a fan of the year round glow, make sure you stick by these dos and don'ts - patchy or seriously orange is worse than pale skin for sure.

Michelle Keegan's low ponytail at Lipsy party

© Getty - Handbag

There's tanned and then there's the colour of a DFS sofa...



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