How to pimp your bath for the best soak ever

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From wine glass holders and book stands to aromatherapy oils and scented candles, here's how to have the perfect bath.

Love a soak? Here's how to have the best bath ever, thanks to aromatherapy oils, scented candles and ingenius bath accessories you'll wonder how you managed to live without.

Aromatherapy oils

From lavender and sandalwood to help you relax, to invigorating scents like lemongrass, adding a few drops of carefully selected essential oils can take the sensory effects of your bath to the next level.

Bath oils for dry skin

If you've got dry skin that you just can't seem to hydrate, try bath oils or even a few drops of Baby Oil. Sprinkle it in, swish about, then soak in oily goodness.

Feel Good Formulas Sandalwood & Lavender Bath Oil-arran aromatics-how to have the perfect

Feel Good Formulas Sandalwood & Lavender Bath Oil, £12.50,

Bath accessories

We don't mean rubber ducks and plastic boats. We mean wine glass holders, book stands and waterproof speakers that don't mind getting splashed.

handpicked collection-bath caddy-wine glass holder-book holder-how to have the best bath


Bath caddy with wine glass holder and book stand, £45.95,

Bath music

The bath playlist doesn't need to be all Michael Buble and Norah Jones. Rock, punk, house - get whatever you're into blasting in the background. The bath playlist does, however, need careful thought. Nobody wants to get out every third song to skip the track.

Scented candles

You want serious relaxation? It's all about the atmosphere and DIY spa experience. Arrange scented candles around the bathroom and knock off the lights.

flamingo candles-black raspberry and vanilla-scented candles-how to have the best bath

Black Raspberry & Vanilla Large Candle, £22,

Bath temperature

A tricky one. Some do indeed like it hot, but if you find high muscle relaxing temperatures hard to handle, try opening windows or taking a break. Who says you can't get out, cool down and get back in? If you have eczema prone or irritated skin however, keep the water cooler to avoid aggravation.

Bath bombs and bubbles

There's no denying it, bubbles are fun. We've had some of our best bubble experiences with Clarins Relax Bath and Shower Concentrate, though Lush bubble bars are full of joy too.

clarins relaxing bath and shower concentrate with essential oils-best bubble bath for lots of bubbles-diy

Clarins Relax Bath and Shower Concentrate, £19,

Eating in the bath

An area of great debate - some people love it, others are dismayed. If you're up it though we have this wisdom to share. Chocolate melts fast, biscuits go soggy or crumble, fruit is a good choice, especially a berry medley that's easy to pick at.

The Ultimate Strawberries and Cream

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