Will celebrities with cornrows be your festival hair inspiration?

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Cornrows keep sneaking their way back onto celebrity heads, first it was Cara Delevingne, then Kristen Stewart, Lily Allen's dabbling. Might this be your answer to greasy festival hair?

Cara Delevingne and Chanel Iman at the Met Ball - cornrows - corn rows

© Instagram / cara delevingne

So, who's up for plaiting their hair into cornrows?

Look, we're as surprised as you are, but we've given this hair trend a lot of thought and it may not be a terrible idea for festival hair.

You know if Cara Delevingne does something, it's probably going to catch on.

Months after her appearance at the Met Ball and with the 90s trend still in full flow, this hairstyle is cropping up again and again.

So will you brave the braid?

Cara Delevingne at 2013 met ball

© Getty - Handbag

Making cornrows wearable

Cara Delevingne's efforts are the easiest to emulate with a few plaits just down one side.

If you don't feel up to going full Snoop Dogg, this is your best option and you can always soften it by making the braids less severe.

Lily Allen - plaints - corn rows - red hair - new summer hair trend - festival - handbag.com

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Perfect for the festival

Being at a festival is a perfect storm for greasy hair - sweat, rain, wind, you know, not washing it for days.

Plaits are the easiest way to conceal just how sticky it looks - there's only so much dry shampoo can do after all.

rita ora - adidas originals collection - radio one big weekend - corn rows - handbag.com

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Play with colour

The trend for coloured hair is sticking around and a festival is the perfect time to play around with it.

if you're blonde try out a temporary wash. Dark hair? Label M have all sorts of seriously bright sprays.

Why not try each braid a different colour?

kristen stewart-chanel-metiers-d-art-paris-dallas-ad-campaign-karl-lagerfeld-autumn winter 2014-pictures-blue shirt-handbag.com

The Kristen Stewart Effect

If you're wondering how such a trend could be so happily accepted - look no further than Miss Kristen Stewart and Chanel.

She's appeared in the Dallas/Paris campaign sporting the hairstyle and you all love it.

The people have spoken...

Would you wear cornrows like KStew?
You know what, I will! KStew looks awesome.60.61%
Maybe, but only on the one side.21.21%
Didn't like them in the 90s, don't like them now.18.18%

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