10 Bad habits that age your face every day

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The 10 things you do on a daily basis that could be speeding up the effects of ageing, fine lines and wrinkles.

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From frowning at your Twitter feed to the way you wash your face, here's 10 things we do every day that could be speeding up the signs of ageing on our faces.

Applying too much eye cream

Plastering yourself in eye cream every day? Apparently, the skin is so fine around the eye that the cells can become easily clogged and damaged. Instead, pat a tiny amount the very edges.

Frowning at your Twitter feed

The next time you're engrossed in scrolling your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram feed, stop and check what your face is doing. Frowning? Furrowed brow? Squinted eyes? Sit up straight, relax and enlarge that screen.

Rubbing your eyes and forehead

Do you rub your eyes and forehead when you're stressed? Go gentle on your skin, it's delicate.

Washing your face roughly

When you're rinsing your face with water, do you smoosh it all over your face with your hands? Stop. Instead, just splash the water over your skin to prevent any pulling, dragging and aggravating of fine lines. Then gently pat dry with a towel.

Another late night

If you're rarely in bed before midnight, you'll most likely age faster. Sleep is when the body does most of its healing and regenerating, as well as resting. A least one hour of sleep before midnight is worth two after the clock strikes 12.

Exfoliating every day

Exfoliating your face every day will strip it of oils and moisture, leading to drier, less radiant skin. Experts recommend exfoliating just once a week.

Face planting the pillow

Yep, sleeping face down or the same side of your face every night will speed up ageing. Tricky to avoid we know, but experts suggest trying to sleep on your back, or investing in silk or satin pillow cases which are softer on the skin.

Letting your lips get dry or tight

Fine lines appear around your lips too remember, so keep them hydrated with lip balms or lipstick enriched with vitamins and anti-ageing ingredients.

Neglecting your neck and decolletage

Though most women moisturise their face religiously and apply body cream almost as often, the neck and decolletage regularly gets forgotten. The skin there needs protecting too, or you'll leave yourself open to early sagging or crepiness.

Keeping your chin in the jowl position

What's your concentrating face like? Tensed forehead and chin sucked into your neck? If you work at a computer all day, check your face position to make sure you're not encouraging jowls.

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