Skin guru Lee Garrett has his say on celebrity skincare

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Millie Mackintosh, Kate Middleton, Kelly Brook & Kim Kardashian come under Lee's microscope

Skin guru Lee Garrett has his say on celebrity skincare
Believe it or not, the celebs don't always wake up looking red carpet ready - but they do have the professionals on hand when it comes to getting the best skincare advice.

Luckily, so do we.

Skin guru Lee Garrett has given us his expert take on getting flawless complexions a la Millie Mackintosh, Kate Middleton. Kelly Brook and Kim Kardashian.

See what he has to say below...

Millie Mackintosh does pink lips at BAFTA TV Awards 2013

© Instagram / Millie Mackintosh

"We all know that Millie was a make-up artist before Made In Chelsea, so she's in the know about her skincare routine and what she needs to do to help give her that all important and lusted for glow.

"She drinks plenty of water and has her beauty sleep to help keep her skin hydrated and fresh. Regular facials and always moisturising her skin helps to keep that beautiful glow. I would recommend using Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion(£24) to help give a shine free and balanced appearance."

Pregnant Kate Middleton attends Queen's Coronation Anniversary in cream Jenny Packham

© Getty - Handbag

"Kate Middleton has always had an amazing glow to her, whether it's from fake tan or nicely applied makeup. Her skin always looks fresh and her makeup helps bring out her features and is never over done.

"I've heard that she uses Bee Vemon moisturiser (£150) to help keep her skin looking natural, but if you don't have the budget for that, I'd recommend SkinMed's Fillast Serum (£84) that includes hyaluronic acid which helps to naturally plump up the skin in 30 days."

Kelly Brook wears the perfect retro red lipstick

© Instagram / Kelly Brook

"Kelly Brook isn't scared to walk out in public without makeup, this helps to keep your skin free from blocked pores and helps avoid spots. She knows that when she's working she has to wear a lot of makeup so she turns to Clarins Makeup Remover (£17) to help keep her skin fresh.

"To make sure wrinkles stay at bay, she stays away from harmful UVA and UVB rays and uses sun protection to stop premature ageing. I would say pale is more interesting, use sunscreen with a high SPF in summer and winter – such as Sunwards Sun Protection Face Cream (£13.50)."

Kim Kardashian doing tousled waves

© Instagram / Kim Kardashian

"Kim is someone who regularly talks about her favourite skincare products and treatments. Always one for trying new treatments such as the Vampire Facelift or having regular acupuncture sessions to help keep her skin young and fresh.

"The Vampire Facelift helps rejuvenate the skin from the patient's own blood injected into multiple areas of the skin (£550, at Lee Garrett). She also ensures that she removes her makeup as soon as possible as sleeping with it on can contribute to early ageing and dirty pillows in the morning."

Do you use any of the products Lee has mentioned? Who's you biggest skincare icon here?




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