Quick makeup tutorial for makeup haters

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A simple routine that can be mastered in under five minutes for people who don't like makeup one jot.

Emma Stone is fresh-faced at Revlon Launch

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If you are lucky enough to not need lashings of slap, but still want to make a few tweaks to brighten the eyes and add a flush of colour, then step this way.

We pinned down Handbag.com expert Emily Kent, makeup artist and founder of the The Wedding Hair Company, to find out her tips for a no fuss makeup routine.

Quick makeup tips for a fresh faced look

Skin prep
"Ahead of the actual make up, I'd start with an eye fix from brand new Elemis eye pads (£46, Timetospa.co.uk) as they soften and plump the delicate eye area.

If there is a product to give instant, temporary results these little pads are it. 20 minutes (in which multi tasking is fully do-able as the patches stay welded on) and skin is smoother and fuller," explains Emily.

Step 2: Concealer
"Following that, dab on some Nars Radiant Creamy concealer (£22, Selfridges.com), it is a must and my favourite ever concealer," continues Emily.

"Dot it around the eye and blend with a finger to even out darkness."

Step 3: Time for blusher
"With the skin being totally nude, opt for a non powder blush such as the Benetint range from Benefit (£24.50, Feelunique.com). The newest of the family is Lollitint, a delightful pink blush that stains the skin giving a soft feminine look.

This doesn't really work with foundation covered skin as the textures don't co-operate with one another and this gives a more realistic look of innocent pinched cheeks. Apply a couple of thin lines across the apple of the cheek and blend in."

Step 4: Quick lashes
"Difficult lashes must be curled to get the best out of them," explains Emily. "My best trade secret is to warm the curlers under the hairdryer for a few seconds before to accelerate the process (be careful not to over do it). Shu Uemura's are the best (£20, Houseoffraser.com). Spend on a quality pair once and have them for life."

"Apply one coat of Shu Uemura's Tokyo Lash Mascara (£20, Houseoffraser.com) for an understated aim."

Step 5: Finish the look
"Add a quick slick of lip balm and you're away. Minus the 20mins for the eye patches, the rest takes 5 minutes. An achievable goal by anyones standards."

For more from Emily, visit weddinghaircompany.co.uk

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