Top tips for filling in your eyebrows

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Thick eyebrows like Cara Delevingne are a big beauty trend. Here's how to fill in your brows for a perfect shape.

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Cara Delevingne's big eyebrows are still leading the strong brow trend. So how do you create the look if you're not naturally blessed? Here's our top power brow tips.

Plan the shape of your eyebrow

Yep, there are guidelines for the perfect eyebrow shape. Before you start filling in your brows, plan where they'll start, arch and end.

Choose your perfect eyebrow tool

The most popular options are either brow pencils, brow powder/matte eyeshadows (no shimmer), or brow gels and mascaras. It's best to experiment with all and find a combination that works for you - powder with a grooming gel for example.

How to use an eyebrow pencil

Don't use black. Even if your eyebrows are very dark, a black eyeliner pencil is going to be far too harsh a colour. Go for a greyish brown like Shu Uemera's M Brown 02 pencil, £16,, and use short, feathery strokes in the gaps between hairs.

Eyebrow expert Shavata advises, "When applying make-up to your brows less is always more, you should never be able to see where the make-up starts and where the hairs stop. When holding a brow pencil always hold it further down - like you would when sketching, and build up the colour slowly."

How to use eyebrow powders

Getting the right brush is important. Most people find a brush with short and firm bristles best, while a flat or angled shape will give you more control of the line. Again, don't use a black powder, and stay away from shimmer too. We love the Benefit Brow Zing kit, £23, Start by filling in the gaps, then move slowly out the edges and define the shape in short strokes.

How to use eyebrow gels

If your brows are naturally thick, a clear or tinted gel or brow mascara like MAC's Brow Set, £13,, might be all you need to groom, shape and give your brows some colour. If you're using a gel as well as powder or pencil, apply it lightly so you don't move all your hard work.

Make the most of highlighters

Strong eyebrows can have a shrinking effect on your eyes. Make the most of the gap between your brow and eyelid by sweeping on a highlighter to catch the light, and open up the area.

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