Tips for giving your feet a picture perfect pedicure at home

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Save yourself some cash and learn to give your feet a perfect pedicure with this expert advice.

Women having a pedicure
Your troll feet aren't happy. It's time to release them from their sock prison and give them a makeover with a perfect at home pedicure.

For beautiful and healthy-looking feet, follow these top tips from France Baudet, MD of Cannelle Beauty Salons.

How to prepare your feet before a pedicure

  • If you have rough skinon your feet try giving them an intensive overnight treatment.

  • Slap on loads of super-nourishing reparative moisturiser cream before bed then slip on a pair of cotton socks to really hold the moisture in. Enjoy wonderfully soft feet come morning time.

  • If you have thin weak nails, try soaking them in pure olive oil for 10 minutes a day and watch them strengthen. It's great for your skin as well.

  • Want your toenails to grow faster? Buffing both stimulates growth and keeps your nails looking shiny and healthy. You could also try giving yourself a nail massage. This will stimulate blood circulation to the area to promote healthy nail growth.

  • Soaking your feet in soapy warm water will help soften your toe cuticles and any rough skin on the feet. Try adding a few drops of lavender essential oil for a relaxing fragrance while soaking your feet.

  • Apply a drop of Decléor's Aromessence Ongles Nail Oil (£40, with the brush and massage into each individual toe nail to soften cuticles; strengthen, nourish and protect your nails. Use a wooden stick to push back any dead skin that may be gripping to the nail plate.

  • A pumice stone is your foots best friend. This can be used to remove dead skin and effectively reduce corns and calluses. Soak the pumice stone before using, and rub rough areas lightly in a back-and-forth motion for thirty seconds. Repeat accordingly, but remember this is a gradual process that may take time.

How to do your own perfect pedicure

  • Before anything, remove any leftover nail polish residue on your toenails using a non-acetone nail polish remover. Non-acetone remover is milder to nails, can be used on false or gel nails and has a gentle, more fragrant smell than acetone.

  • For pedicures, use a large, straight-edge toe nail trimmer; cut straight across the nail then gently round the toenail with a file to prevent ingrown nails.

  • Choose your favourite nail polish colour and paint each toenail using a three-step method; paint straight down the middle of the nail, follow with a stroke down both sides and finish with a thin line of nail polish along the tip of the nail.

  • You may have noticed it takes longer for polish to dry on your toes than on your fingers. This is probably because they are a little moist from wearing shoes and socks just before application. For that fresh feeling, it's always better to give your feet a little wash and wander around barefoot for a little while before applying polish.

  • To make your pedicure last longer, always use a base and top coat. Be sure to leave at least two minutes between each coat to allow the nail polish to dry.

  • Apply a single coat of clear nail polish two to three days after the initial application to keep colour fresh and chip-free. Using a daily foot moisturiser will also help to prolong your pedicure results, keeping feet smooth and hydrated.



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