How to recreate Miranda Kerr's fresh-faced makeup look

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Miranda Kerr might be queen of the barely-there makeup look, but we know how to recreate the magic.

Miranda Kerr fresh face makeup

© Instagram / Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr's fresh faced makeup is not only a big trend, but it's also a look that'll never get old. So here's how to recreate the barely there look.

Good skincare is essential

Clear skin is going to help you make this look more natural, so thoroughly cleanse and tone, before hydrating your skin with a radiance boosting face cream.

Use primer to balance your skin

If you're suffering from a break out, have oily skin or an uneven skin tone, always use a primer. It'll help to refine pores, smooth your skin's texture and mattify any shine.

Flawless skin is all about foundation

If you're faking flawless skin - which let's face it, most of us are - foundation and concealer are key. Make sure you have the perfect shade, then really work the product into your skin using fingers, a sponge or your brush of choice.

Concealer Tip: If you struggle with blending your concealer well, apply that first, under your eyes and over any blemishes. Blend it into your skin as much as possible, then apply your foundation on top (where needed), to hide any tell-tale signs.

Translucent powder will save your makeup

Lightly dust transluscent powder all over you face to help your foundation set. If you're still worried about red patches or dark circles, a colour correcting powder like MAC Cosmetics' new Prep + Prime Colour Correct powder collection will save the day.

mac cosmetics cc colour correcting loose powder - peach powder to adjust redness and dark circles - makeup essentials -

MAC Prep+Prime CC Colour Correcting Loose Powder, £20, out March 2014

Use pink blush for a healthy glow

Miranda uses a light dusting of rosy pink blush on cheeks, to add colour and warmth to her face. If you're going for the natural look, a cream blush might be best.

Groom your brows and curl your lashes

Keep your eyebrows groomed with clear brow gel or a multi-use balm like Dr PawPaw, then curl your lashes and add definition with brown mascara.

Try tinted lip balm

Finishing off with lipstick could make the look appear too heavy, so try a tinted lip balm, matt effect stain or sheer lip gloss.

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