Exclusive! Nicole Scherzinger shares her hair and workout secrets

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We sat down with Scherzy to discuss fitness routines, not washing her hair and the beauty essentials stashed away in her handbag.

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Long sha-mazing locks, glowing skin, a hot racing car driver boyfriend and she's about to take the charts by storm (again) – she must be doing something right. But just how does Scherzy manage all this and keeping herself in tip-top condition? We find out...

So Nicole, how are you feeling about the release of your new single, Your Love?
"I'm so excited about it - I think that it's a great, infectious summer anthem. The video was fun but it was a lot of hard work. There was hardly any make up, no fancy clothes, no choreography - just me getting back to my roots."

And your first album in three years is out soon too...
"I'm so ready! I've been so damn ready for this album. But I am a perfectionist, and everything happens in time. The album's more R&B and pop and Your Love is probably the poppiest song on the album actually. It's really personal, it's about being a girl, a woman. A few songs really pull on my heart strings - like Heartbreaker and Run. Look out for those and you'll hear why."

Now, you're always looking sha-amazing - and we're jealous of your shiny locks. How do you keep your hair in such good condition?
"To be honest, I don't put too much into it - I love beachy hair, so I don't style it too much. I don't wash it everyday either - it needs to build up natural oils and have that resistance against the heat and weather. Coconut oil is a good treatment for hair that needs a little lift. I owe a lot to my ancestors, I guess. "

Do you style your hair yourself?
"I actually can't stand doing my hair - I'm a bit of a tomboy and would just look like a beach chick all the time if I could, so if I do go for the more glamorous look, I need someone who can get a hold of this hair and do something with it."

What top three things do you always have in your handbag?
"My Refresh eye drops, my lavender hand sanitiser and my Clinique Chubby eye sticks."

How do you keep your skin in good condition while you're on the road?
"I always load up on moisturiser, and Bliss have these eye patches that rehydrate your eyes. I also drink lots of water. I always dab a bit of my lip gloss on my cheeks to keep that dewey effect when I'm on the move."

What products can you not do without?
"La Prairie moisturiser - I've used that since I was a teenager because my aunt worked for them. Actually, good old fashioned Oil of Olay is a great moisturiser, too. And my trusty Illamasqua lip gloss."

It must be hard to keep fit when you're so busy?
"I have to be motivated, because even when I feel lazy, I have shows to do - and I have to work out for those because I have to dance around on stage and sing at the same time."

What is your work out routine?
"I get on the treadmill for anything from 20 minutes to an hour - whatever I can squeeze in - then I do yoga and plenty of stretches. I do Bikram Yoga for an hour, it's so good for your body but also for your head. I do a late-night class and it's the perfect way to unwind."

Do you work out on your own, or with your mates?
"When I run, I like to go alone. But now that I'm doing more classes, I like to take my girlfriends with me because we motivate each other. They come hiking with me back home, too. But over here, I tend to work out alone."

What gets you motivated in the gym?
"Music! Rap, hip-hop, a bit of rock - I listen to it all. Empowering tracks like Sia's Chandelier is on there at the moment."

Nicole's new single, Your Love, is available for download now on iTunes.



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