Millie Mackintosh spills her skincare and hair secrets

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EXCLUSIVE! We sat down with Made In Chelsea alum and Nip + Fab girl Millie Mackintosh to talk all things beauty and hair care.

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Millie Mackintosh has been taking care of herself and it shows. While we know she's got a seriously healthy diet and fitness regime, this girl is toning from all angles.

As the new face of Nip + Fab Mills has been telling us all about how to get her perfect skin...oh and her hair too.

What does Nip + Fab do?
"They're all really good for targeting a problem or fixing something. I love that it's good for quick fixes!

We all live quite busy stressful lives and it's good to have a product that makes your skin look better with less effort from yourself.

  • The Body Slim Fix is great as an add on to working out and fitness, for the stubborn areas that hang about - like the backs of your legs.

  • The Bee Sting Lifting Mask is really good for hydration if you've been in the sun or giving it a bit of stress from parties or festivals.

  • The Glycolic Cleansing Pads are great for festivals or travelling, when you wanna take all your makeup off and get rid of all the dead skin and grime."

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You're so tiny! Do you really feel the difference?
"I first found the brand about two years ago before a summer holiday.

I was looking for a product to help firm up my skin, help with a bit of cellulite before I got into a bikini and I found their cellulite cream so I was already a fan of the brand and knew it worked.

I definitely feel like it's nice to have something that works in conjunction with working out and healthy eating, if it's going to make you feel that little bit better.

You're kind of targeting your problem areas from every angle."

It's not just you're skin, what are your must use haircare products?
"Masks are really good. I love Bumble and Bumble Deep, the yellow one, it smells like coconuts it's really yummy.

If I'm on holiday I like putting argon oil in my hair as well, it stops it getting too frazzled."

What are your summer hair tips?
"I had a balayage last year, which I think is a lovely look for summer if you just want to lighten up the ends get that kind of sun-kissed holiday look without dying it from the roots."

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