Exclusive: Lucy Watson reveals her clear skin secrets and fake tan tips

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Want clear, glowing skin like Lucy Watson? We caught up with the Made In Chelsea star to discuss fake tan tips and her skincare secrets.

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Big news - Made In Chelsea's Lucy Watson is the new face of Australian fake tan brand Skinny Tan. Hurrah! So while she posed for the new ad campaign, we snuck backstage to steal a few skincare tips.

Want to know how Lucy keeps her skin so clear and glowing? Or how she makes sure her tan is always even and streak-free?

We have the answers, straight from Lucy herself.

Lucy Watson's beauty secrets

How to fake tan like Lucy Watson

Want Lucy's fool-proof self tan tips in more detail? Here you go folks, from exfoliating to applying with a mitt and how to shower afterwards, here's everything Lucy Watson knows about getting your tan on.

Step 1: Start by exfoliating your skin so you have a smooth base to start with.

Step 2:Apply the tanner in small amounts and work on to the skin gently as you would a moisturiser, this way you'll reduce the chances of leaving any marks.

Step 3:It's always useful to use a tanning mitt when applying at home by yourself, as this makes for a smoother application and you wont be left with any of the tanner on your palms.

Step 4:Keep skin moisturised so that it does not dry out, this also helps maintain your tan so that it looks great and lasts longer.

Step 5:Look for a tanner with natural ingredients, I use Skinny Tan because it has no harsh chemicals and uses a 100% natural DHA tanning active. It has a gorgeous smell too.

Step 6:Using a tan that also has instant bronzer like the Skinny Tan 7 day tanner is great, because you'll be able to see any patches you've missed.

Step 7:If you plan to shave or wax, do this no less than 24 hours before you tan.

Step 8:I find it best to apply tan at night, as this way it doesn't disturb my daily routine, and the tan is developed well by the next morning.

Step 9:If you do decide to tan in the day, wear dark, loose fitting clothing. This way you won't visibly stain your clothes or have patchy marks from anything tight fitting.

Step 10:Shower with warm water when using fake tan - water that's too hot may result in your tan fading faster.

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