Ameriie talks beauty tips and her love for Victoria Beckham

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One Thing singer Ameriie talks us through her new single via her beauty routine, how she got back into fitness, and her love of VB's style.

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Remember that toe-tapping 2011 tune One Thing that you played to death? Well Ameriie is back and we caught up with her for a quick chat ahead of her latest single launch.

Tell us about your new single and what you're up to at the minute

"The new record's called 'What I Want'. It's very up tempo and I'm very excited about that.

No matter what I'm doing with different sounds, what will always be me is heavy drums and percussion. I think that's my ID I guess, it's very signature.

It's from the album, 'Bili', which has a lot of heavy drums and a nu-wave influence."

Talk us though your skincare regime. Any tips or essential products?

"I use La Prairie cellular radiance eye cream, and Dr. Perricone's Nourishing Moisturiser for sensitive skin.

For cleansing I've just started using Philosophy's salicylic wash, and I actually like that. And every few nights I'll use RoC Retinol A with Vitamins A,C,E.

But the miracle cream I've found is Biafine. Usually people use it for sunburn, I use it before I get on a plane, as a mask once a week, and sometimes when I'm having days where my face is dry I use it as a moisturiser.

What piece of make-up could you not live without?

"I love Make-up For Ever's HD foundation. It's dewy, glowy, you don't need a lot of it, it's thin and it goes on very smoothly..."

How would you describe your style?

"I tend to go with masculine touches, whether it's in the cut of shirt or pants. I like girly things too, but usually I tend to like some kind of clean line in there.

I love mixing patterns too, sometimes I'll put on a pant like today's and then throw on a shirt that has almost a mismatched pattern – you know when it's mismatched but it kinda goes?"

Who is your style icon?

"My mum. I'm sure girls say that a lot.

She always had so many shoes - like a sea of shoes, chequered, houndstooth, interesting patterns, platforms and low.

She's a size 35 and I wear a size 37.5 so when I was actually allowed to wear her shoes, I couldn't wear them..."

Who has great style at the moment?

"I love Tilda Swinton. Maybe what we have in common is the masculine tailoring, the clean lines, even when she's wearing something very ethereal and flowy, there's a certain type of strength.

Victoria Beckham as well, I love her shift dresses. She's really captured what I love."

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VB's found another celebrity fan

What is your workout?

"My workouts were really sporadic at best, sometimes non-existent which was bad and I was spending so much time recording - it takes up a lot of energy.

And then I went hiking one day. I realised then what sitting down does to you because I was very winded and I was like woah, this is a wake up call for me.

Now, I make sure I do some kind of cardio every day. Now I'm intense.

I do a lot of stairs, just going to a stairwell, alternating it with the yoga ball doing the jack-knife which targets your abs straight away."

Do you follow any diet mantras?

"I try not to eat too late, I love food and it makes me really happy, I'm a snacker but I try to eat organically.

Here [in the UK], it's easier than in the States. We put so much crap in our food, and you guys don't.

I try not to eat too much gluten and dairy which is bad because one of my favourite foods is pasta.

I'm big on juicing…In LA, they're really into their green juicing and cold pressed which is not easy to find. Throwing your veg in a blender is not the same as cold pressing, because when the blades spin, the heat kills the enzymes."

Ameriie's new single 'What I Want' is out August 10th on Feenix Rising Entertainment. Follow Ameriie on Twitter and Instagram.

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