Caroline Flack brings back her dip-dye

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Caroline Flack redoes her dip-dye as she's named new face of Regis Salons…

Caroline Flack face of Regis Salons
Caroline Flack has returned to her signature dip-dye hairstyle for her new role as the face of Regis Salons.

The Xtra Factor presenter recently ditched the two-tone trend, claiming 'my dip has died' on Twitter.

Now though, after bagging her new gig as brand ambassador for Regis Salons, Caroline has embraced her blonde tips once again.

Caroline Flack for Regis Salons

Regis was one of the first salon brands to champion the hair trend before it more or less took over the world, so it's no surprise to see this pair hooking up.

"It's fun to try out new styles and colours but as long as your hair is looking healthy you'll always feel more confident," says Caroline.

Adding, "If I have a bad hair day I feel more self-conscious and it can affect my mood, so it's really important for me to take care of my hair."

Are you sick of the dip dye trend yet? Love the look on Caroline?
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