Think Dirty app reveals how toxic your beauty products really are

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A new app wants to show you the health implications of all the ingredients in your beauty products.

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If you don't know your Polyethylene glycol from your Phenoxyethanol, this new app is here to help you decipher the ingredients in your beauty products.

Think Dirty has been developed to help consumers have greater transparency when it comes to what they are putting on their skin.

As the well designed app explains, the average woman uses 12 beauty products a day, each containing around 14 different ingredients. That's 168 ingredients a day women are putting on their skin with limited knowledge of the health implications.

The app has logged 126,000 products for North America and Europe so far and all you do is scan the barcode of your favourite products and it will give you a ranking out of 10 on the dirty meter (10 being 'Kardashian-filthy' as the app says).

Then, it will give you a blow-by-blow list of each ingredient, what it is used for, what the long term health implications are and any advice from health organisations. It also gives you 'cleaner options' to try and lets you store product information on your 'bathroom shelf' list.

The team have been trying it out, and it becomes highly addictive.

"Beauty products are not as strictly regulated as food and drugs, so the labeling is not very standardised. It's hard for an everyday shopper to understand what the chemicals are," explains developer Lily Tse.

For example, 'fragrance' is an ingredient commonly cited on packaging, but The Environmental Working Group explain the term can hide up to 3,163 ingredients.

All product information is non-biased and has been produced in conjunction with health charities such as the Breast Cancer Fund (Tse's mother is a breast cancer survivor).

And if your favourite product isn't on the list, simply take a photo of the packaging and submit it and wait for it to be logged.

Watch the video and find out more...

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