Hair How To: Amy Adams' 90s style plaited updo at the Golden Globes

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Want to recreate Amy Adams' Golden Globes look? Here's a step by step guide to getting that hairstyle

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Amy Adams' braided updo at the Golden Globes gave her plunging red Valentino dress a little edge, while also nodding to the 90s trend.

So if you're updating your look, want to try something new, or need to put a fresh spin on wedding hair, here's Taylor Taylor London's Amy Nitsopoulos on how to recreate the hairstyle.

How To: Amy Adams' Golden Globes hair

Step 1: Prep your hair by applying mousse throughout, then comb it through evenly using a wide tooth comb. Using a large round brush, blow dry the hair so it's nice and smooth, but not poker straight.

Note: When the hairline is exposed as it is with Amy's hairstyle, it's worth spending some time smoothing the hairline out. Use a bristle brush or comb and blow dry hair away from the face, this will help take away any loose fly-aways.

Step 2: Using a curling tong (a 1 inch barrel is ideal), curl random areas of your hair, to create plenty of waves and texture throughout. When tonging, make sure you tong from the mid lengths to ends, rather than close to your head.

Step 3: Loosen the curls and add some volume by gently teasing hair from the roots with your fingers.

Step 4: Create a number of loose braids on each side of the head. To do this, you should begin braiding half way down the strands of hair, and leave them untied at the ends.

Step 5: Finger comb the hair starting at the top of your head, so the curls are even looser, and has more body. Then, pull your hair back into a low chignon, and secure with Kirby grips.

Step 6: Play around with the positioning of your braids, so they are visible and lie neatly on your head, then secure into your chignon with Kirby grips.

Finish: Use your fingers to create extra detail or wispy bits around the 'do, then finish with spritz of hairspray.

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