Defend your hair from the heat

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Dove's new Heat Defence range stops split ends and fading colour in its tracks.

Defend your hair from the heat
According to new research carried out by hair experts Dove, we spend on average nearly 40 minutes everyday styling our hair, not good if you're reaching for the straighteners or hair-dryer each morning. So if your hair is showing signs of heat damage and has lost some of its shine, help is at hand in the form of Dove's new Heat Defence Therapy range which protects your hair and colour from high temperatures.

The new range which includes a Heat Defence Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner and a Heat Activated Protect and Shine Mist which creates a protective shield over your hair to prevent breakage and damage. Simply use the shampoo and conditioner everyday and spray on the mist before styling to reduce the amount of damage your hair-dryer is causing by up to 80%. Sounds good to us!

Dove Heat Defence Therapy shampoo £2.59, conditioner £2.59 and Dove Heat Activited Protect & Shine Mist £2.99 available from
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