Make-up to match your skin colour

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We bring you our top five products to suit your skin type so you can update your make-up bag today.

Make-up to match your skin colour
In the beauty industry one product doesn't suit all, which is why depending on your skin type and colour, you need to choose products to suit you specifically. Celebrities show off flawless skin on a daily basis regardless of their skin colour; Nicole Kidman, Beyoncé and Eva Mendes all apply make-up to work with their skin, not against it.

Below you can discover the top five products to suit your skin type and colour including tips and advice from the experts. Whether you want a long lasting foundation for pale skin, a deep black eye liner for black skin or this season's lipstick for Indian skin, this is the place to look. John Gustafson, Charlotte Tilbury and Bobbi Brown all share with us their expert advice, so give your make-up routine a new lease of life with these products designed to work with your skin colour.

Click on your skin type below to see our product recommendations:

Make-up for white skin.

Make-up for Indian and Oriental skin.

Make-up for black skin.

Make-up for olive skin.

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