The X Factor's Nicole Scherzinger shares her party beauty tips

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Nicole Scherzinger always looks incredible on the X Factor finals, so we asked her for some tips for the party season

Pride of Britain Awards 2013 Nicole Scherzinger black velvet dress

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We sat down for an interview with the beautiful Nicole Scherzinger and asked her about the really important stuff - her beauty tips.

With the possibly the most epic hair on TV, we've been lusting after her X Factor looks every week.

Except maybe that 80s style bob she was rocking last week...

The Scherz seems to be able to wear anything and always has the perfect party make-up.

Nicole Scherzinger's party beauty secrets: Perfume

When it comes to forcing yourself out of the office on a dark winter's day, the party season can actually start to become a drag, so we asked for that one thing to get you party ready.

She told us perfume is the answer; a fan of "exotic Hawaiian floral scent combined with musk," she said, "people know me for wearing Alien by Thierry Mugler"

Adding a scent to get you ready for the night time is an absolute must and for her it's got be something "strong".

Nicole Scherzinger makeup lesson

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Nicole Scherzinger's party beauty secrets: Make-up

Another way Nicole suggest pepping yourself up in the festive season is with shimmer.

She's a big fan of getting a shimmer out on all those raised areas; cheek bones, upper eye-lids, nose, for some instant glamour. "An iluminater to give you a snow kissed glow. Touch of sparkle.

And a great glittery lip gloss, the more festive the better."

And in an effort to deal with the gloomy weather she actually opts for a foundation "a little darker" than her natural skin tone, teamed with a "corally cream blush". Also, "bronzer always helps, to feel like you've been sunkissed."

Be aware, playing around with foundation like this must be approached with caution.

Then we hit Nicole with a tough question - if you could only have one piece of make-up what would it be?

Scherzy gave it some serious thought. In the end it was eye-liner that beat out the rest because, "it's versatile, you can put it in the eye, around the eye, you can smudge it. Everything else would have to be sha-living."

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Nicole Scherzinger's party beauty secrets: Hair

The queen of big bouncy hair, the face of Herbal Essences Classic, Nicole Scherzinger seriously works a do.

The thought of cutting off those luscious locks? Not one she's willing to entertain.

She was actually rocking a trimmed, layered look which to her was a dramatic cut.

The colour? "A professional surfer by day, and a Victoria Secret model by night."

Take that to your hairdresser!

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