Best celebrity hairstyles of the week

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We've rounded up our favourite celebrity hairstyles of the week and we've got tips on how to get the look yourself.

Check out our favourite celebrity hairstyles of the week and find out how to do them yourself.Pippa Middleton's up-doPippa Middleton is known for her signature Chelsea blow-dry - much like her famous sister, Kate Middleton, so it's always nice to see her mixing it up with this regal and elegant up-do. Her loose curls and low bun ensure she still looks fun and youthful - could she beat Kate in the hair icon stakes?

Hair how-to

The secret to Miss Middleton's up-do is gloss and volume. Before putting your hair up you need to work a little glossing serum through it first - but not too much otherwise it will be greasy and hard to pin up. Use a volumising product at the roots to boost body, then separate a small section at the front, sweep over and pin behind the ear with a grip. Take the rest of the hair and pull in to a ponytail around the middle of the head. With either curlers, curling tongs or just with your fingers and some hairspray, twist random sections and pin around the base of the ponytail. The effect you want to achieve is a twisted bun. Pull out a few small tendrills around the face and then finish with a light spritz of hairspray all over.

Elizabeth Olsen's top knot

Elizabeth Olsen is fast becoming the Olsen sister to watch, with her numerous red carpet appearances earning her serious fashion kudos. Her elegant top-knot up-do is no exception, proving that even the most simple of hairstyles can look chic when done properly.

Hair how-to

Another super-easy hairstyle and one that will get you big fashion points, although you need very long hair for this look. Run a little texturiser through the mid-lengths to the ends, pull your hair up in to a high ponytail, which sits at the very top of your head, then roughly twist until you get a bun. Spray liberally with hairspray and use either natural coloured hair grips or jewelled hair pins to secure the hair.

Zoe Saldana's red carpet up-do

We love Zoe's elegant, retro hairstyle here. She often does great up-dos, and this one is no exception. With her soft waves framing one side of her face, and her low but neat bun, all she's missing is a flower and she's a bonafide '40s goddess.

Hair how-to

So, simple and you don't even need freshly washed hair, in fact day-old hair is much easier to style. First of all you need to add a few curls to the ends, use large rollers or wide barrell tongs. Sweep your hair to one side and pin around the back. Twist just once or twice so that you have a loose bun, and pin in place. With the front section, or fringe if you have one, use a volumising product at the roots or a large roller to add a little height. Again sweep over to one side, creating a deep side parting and use tongs or a roller to add a curl at the end. Finish with firm hold hairspray.Gizzi Erskine's beehiveCelebrity chef Gizzi Erskine is as well known for her classic beehive hairstyle as she is for her cakes. Gizzi is dedicated to her vintage Sixties look - we never see her without some sort of retro outfit, eye liner flicks and her dark brunette hair piled high in this iconic hairstyle, complete with cute fringe. It's a tricky one to style on a daily basis - Gizzi probably has a hairdresser on hand when she wakes up in the morning!

Hair how-to

Even if you don't have thick hair you can still work a fab retro beehive - but you will need some good volumising products to boost the va-va-voom! Separate your hair in to threee sections: a ponytail at the back, a thin section across the crown and a thin section at the front. Pull the hair at the back into a ponytail and twist into a bun. Spray the middle section of hair with a texturising spray or volumising spray and backcomb. Take the front section of hair and gently comb over the backcombed section and pin. Finish with a touch of hairspray to hold the style.

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