Best celebrity hairstyles of the week - 17-21 October 2011

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We've rounded up our favourite celebrity hairstyles of the week and we've got tips on how to get the look yourself.

Mena Suvari at David Yurman Hosts P.S. Arts' 20th Anniversary Celebration

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Best celebrity hairstyles of the week

It's been a week of classic screen beauties - all over 35, we might add - who have worked amazing red carpet hairstyles. Check out our favourite celebrity hairstyles of the week and find out how to do them yourself.

Catherine Zeta-Jones' Grecian plait

Catherine Zeta-Jones looks seriously foxy with this super-high ponytail - very on trend for Autumn/Winter, by the way! Positioned neatly and securely on the top of her head, the rest of her long brunette locks fall beautifully behind her ears, giving her a seriously elegant look. Think the Middletons, not Tomb Raider.

Hair how-to

If you're looking for a dramatic but elegant hairstyle for a date then this is a winner. There are two ways you can do this, with your real hair (it needs to be long) or with a fake plait - you can buy clip-in plaits from Topshop. If you're doing this with real hair, this is what you do: add a few big waves through the ends of the hair with large rollers or tongs. Take a small section of hair and tie in to a plait. Then pull the rest of your hair into a high ponytail and secure with a band. Now take the plait and wrap around the base of the ponytail and secure with grips. Finish with a little spritz of shine spray.

Jennifer Aniston's tousled waves

Is it just us, or is Jennifer Aniston actually getting more beautiful? She looked truly stellar at an awards ceremony this weekend, showing off her classic blonde waves. Her hair looks super healthy and full of shine, while the tousled waves show off her expert blondehighlights.

Hair how-to

Funnily enough, the parting is actually crucial to this relaxed style. A centre parting makes the curls look more haphazard, and therefore sexy! Once you've got the parting take random sections of hair, work a curl-enhancing cream through the ends, we love John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls Curl Perfecter, £5.29 - then simply twist each section of hair until it forms a bun. Secure the buns with bands and blast with a hairdryer for a few minutes, or just leave for 20 minutes if your hair is naturally wavy. Take out the buns and run your fingers through the hair and shake out.

Meena Suvari's perfect bob

If ever you thought a bob hairstyle would be boring, Mena Suvari demonstrates just how cool it can look with this high-shine blonde version. Mena is something of a hair chameleon - she can pull off all sorts of different lengths and colours - but we love this blonde shade on her. Her eyebrow-skimming fringe shows off her massive eyes and her coral-red lipstick is the perfect accessory to this directional bob hairstyle.

Hair how-to

This awesome bob from Meena Suvari is really all about the cut, it's super-precise and has been cut to exactly the right proportions to make the most of her features. If you have a bob and you want to recreate this style you need a shine serum or a firm hold hairspray that adds shine too, try Umberto Giannini Spa Rituals Indulgent Shine Spray, £5.61. Apply your styling product then comb through.

Liz Hurley's glossy waves

When you think of Liz Hurley, three things spring to mind: slashed-to-the-thigh Versace dresses, Shane Warne and shiny, straight brunette hair. However it seems Liz has deviated from her trademark style with this mass of tousled, kinky waves. The subtle highlights in her brunette mane add texture and volume while the waves lend newly engaged Liz an air of loved-up, carefree abandon. But hey, you can't read too much into a hairstyle. She looks lovely, nonetheless.

Hair how-to

A little like Jen Aniston's hair, Liz is working a loose wave. In this case the parting doesn't matter and the hair needs to be straight from the roots to the mid-lengths. From around ear height add some waves, and you can do this with large rollers or a wide barrell tong. Use a good hairspray to fix the style but choose something that will still let your hair move, Pantene Pro-V Style Moving Volume Spray & Sway, £3.36, is brilliant.

Uma Thurman's voluminous blow-dry

Wow, screen legend and style icon Uma Thurman has really pulled out the stops with this bouffant hairstyle. Her tousled warm blonde curls are the epitome of glamorous big hair - the perfect evening look. We imagine that she spent some quality time with volumising products, hot rollers and super shine hairspray to achieve this style. Loose curls like Uma's are perfect for softening a sharply angled jawline and getting a serious dose of glamour.

Hair how-to

Sometimes all you need for great hair are the basics: good condition, great colour and a power blow-dry, just like Uma. To do this at home you need to ensure your hair is in great condition with a rich conditioner or hair mask, and a hairdryer with a diffuser, this will help add body. Use a volumising product at the roots to give your hair a little extra volume and then use rollers or tongs to add curls to the ends. Finish with a firm hold hairspray.
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