Tried and tested: The Sia Parlog facial

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We couldn't recommend Sia Parlog's facial more - the skilful specialist with an A-list client list is well worth the money.

Sia Parlog
Any beauty buff worth her salt knows that regular facials are a great way to unblock pores and leave skin feeling new. In 2012 though there are so many facial options on the menu that it can be confusing knowing what's best for you. Step in Sia Parlog, the expert facialist who will know exactly what your skin needs.

The Sia facial: Sia indentifies your skin care concerns, and suggests treatments that can help - all the time making sure that you know what is going on. Take the products you use on a daily basis with you and she can analyse them to let you know whether they are right for your skin or not.  

What Handbag had: Suffering from the occasional breakout and pigmentation can leave you feeling very unconfident - especially as an adult. Sia's facial tackled the problems deep down, removing a layer of the skin through dermaplaning and then using vitamin therapy through skin needling to give the skin a boost.

Suitable for: Anyone with unresolved skin care concerns that they want looked at, or even if you're just in the market for an A-list glow! After all, Halle Berry was one of Sia's clients in New York, her former base.

The results: 3 -5 days after the facial, when the redness had gone down, we noticed that our skin was smoother and softer than before, with spots at an absolute minimum. We can safely put our hand on our heart and say that Sia gave us one of the best facials of our lives. If you can afford her, we recommend popping in to her HB Health salon soon for a consultation.

Find Sia at HB Health, 12 Beauchamp Place, Chelsea
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