Is Vaseline Jennifer Aniston's best-kept beauty secret?

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Want skin like Jennifer Anniston? Get slathering on the Vaseline and filling up your ice cube trays!

Jennifer Aniston head and shoulders
Jennifer Aniston revealed some of her top skincare secrets in a recent interview, and we're surprised to hear how beautifully basic they are!

Though eternally sporting a youthful golden glow, Jen confessed that her most effective wrinkle-fighting regime consists of little more than ice water and Vaseline.

Rather than splashing out on fancy creams, Jen apparently prefers to dab some of the classic jelly below her eyes before bed instead.

Then to keep her skin firm and pores under control, the Friends actress is said to dunk her face into a sink full of cold water and ice cubes. Eeish!

While we get the idea - the cold water reduces puffiness, tightens up skin and shrinks pores - an icy dip first thing in the morning sounds a bit intense.

We might need some more encouragement!

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