Brad Pitt is still so dreamy in second Chanel No.5 film

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In case you'd let go of your Brad Pitt crush, Chanel offer up a second dose of fragrance film loveliness…

Brad Pitt Chanel No.5
Chanel has just unveiled its second film ad for the legendary No.5 fragrance featuring Brad Pitt.

Still featuring the actor's incredibly hard-to-resist man tones – oh, what a voice – the part two clip, entitled Wherever I go, enters a dream-like world where Chanel No.5 is just as uh-mazing as ever.

Now the 30 second clip also stars a gorgeous dark haired model before it cuts to an equally lovely looking brunette lady, which has unsurprisingly sparked some Ange vs Jen talk. But really, all we can focus on is how bloody handsome Brad looks here.

Watch the new clip in full below and tell us what YOU think!

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