How to clear out your make-up bag

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Ready to spring clean your life? Here's how to have a fresh start with your makeup bag, keeping only what you really need and making room for new spring colour trends.

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Yep, it's important to give your make-up bag a clear out at least 2 to 3 times a year.

So if your on-the-go beauty collection is currently a mix of old favourites, new additions, cracked lipstick lids and used tissues, get ready to make way for a new minimalist approach, with top tips from Clinique.

Throw things away

Start by quite literally, throwing stuff out. Any make-up product that has a funny odour, altered colour, or has dried out, expired or cracked, needs to go in the rubbish. That goes for your actual make-up bag too. When did you last wash that thing?

Test everything

Test all your foundations and concealers. Get rid of any foundation that is separating, concealers that don't blend into your skin well, and throw away anything that doesn't match your skin colour on the day. When you're paler or more tanned, you can invest in a new specific seasonal foundation and concealer.

Keep the classics

Keep black, charcoal and brown eye liners and eye pencils. All eye colours look good with these shades, and sharpening the pencils regularly or winding on crayons will keep them clean.

Be ruthless

Throw out old or clumpy mascaras, clear out any blush or bronzer that is cracked, and invest in a new eye shadow if you can see the end of the pan. Be ruthless with old favourites, so that you can get the very best application and finish with fresh products.

You don't need a lipstick army

Throw out any lip glosses with frayed brushes or old applicators, or that you know are more than 6 months old. Keep only a handful of lipsticks in neutral every day shades, plus one or two statement shades for evening. Lip colours tend to be seasonal and tend-led, so open yourself up to new looks as they happen.

Clear the clutter

Give away all products you have never used, opened or donʼt know how to use. They're taking up space, and if you really liked them, you'd have experimented a bit more already.

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