HAIR HOW TO: Millie Mackintosh's big bouncy blow dry by Tom Greenhouse

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Millie's own hairdresser teaches us how to recreate her bouncy blow-dried locks!

Millie Mackintosh at Celebrity Juice

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Millie Mackintosh's bouncy blow-dried hair has been giving us envy for some time now.

So, we've gone straight to her actual hairdresser Tom Greenhouse at Daniel Galvin Junior's hair salon in London, to learn just how to recreate the look.

"Big hair is very on trend now, with A-listers such as Cheryl Cole, Eva Longoria, Eva Mendes and Jessica Biel all working it," says Tom.

"In the salon Kelly Brook, Amanda Holden, Holly Valance and Millie Mackintosh are frequently in for their big hair blow-outs.

"The great thing about a blow-dry?It leaves you feel sexy and looking fabulous for very little money. It really adds glam to your outfit."

So Tom, tell us what we need to know...


STEP 1: After washing, rough-dry your hair evenly until about 95% dry. To achieve the ultimate big, bouncy blow-dry apply a volumising spray to the roots and mid lengths. I use Organic Head Volume Lift Root Spray (Morrisons £4). This will actually thicken the hair and give enhanced body and hold.

STEP 2: Use a wide comb to brush through the hair, especially around the crown area where you want the most body

STEP 3: Lightly spritz the lengths and ends with a heat defence spray to protect the hair and add shine. Again, I use Organic Head Heat Defence & Shine Spray (Morrisons £4).


STEP 4: Using a round medium sized bristle brush, take the top front section of your hair, and wrap it around the brush making sure the ends are in, and apply the dryer. Repeat 3 or 4 times. Then using a medium sized velcro roller, wrap the ends around and roll towards your head. Secure the roller to base of your hair using a small clip. Repeat this step, so you end up with 3 rollers on the top of your head in a line.

STEP 5: Section off the rest of the hair in large vertical sections, wrap your hair around the bristle brush and heat with the dryer. Repeat 3 or 4 times, then wrap hair loosely around 2 fingers and pin the curl, keeping everything vertical. Have the curl moving away from your face.


STEP 6: Allow your hair to cool down. Remove the pins and loosely ruffle the hair using your fingertips until the required look is achieved. You can always pull some of the curl out if you prefer.

STEP 7: Finish with a very fine spritz of hairspray for longer lasting hold - I like to use the Organic Head Extra Hold Hairspray (Morrisons £4).

So what do you think? Will you be trying out Millie Mackintosh's signature blow dry?



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