Party beauty crimes to avoid

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It's party season and everyone wants to look their best but spare a thought for your skin and avoid these beauty crimes

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When it comes to party season, skin care often takes a back seat.

Well, the gin called shotgun...

As tempting as it can be to throw caution to the wind and only worry about how your face looks when you wake up in 2014, there are some things you really mustn't do.

These are things we know, but let slide in this most merry of seasons.

1. Going to bed in your make-up

This has to be the worst beauty crime going, according to a recent survey by YouGov for Highland Spring, 52% of British women agree.

Your skin needs time to breathe and be free of not only make-up, but also the sweat and pollution of the day. Wash it!

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2. Not drinking water during the night

Hydration is the key to healthy skin and the biggest culprit of dehydration? Alcohol.

This, of course, goes hand in hand with Christmas parties but you'll see the benefits of alternating drinks with water in your face the next day.

And reducing the hangover is a very welcome side effect.

3. Sharing make-up brushes

24% of you think that sharing make-up brushes with your friends is the worst of all beauty crimes.

It is certainly something to avoid.

With different oils on your face you can easily irritate your skin and leave yourself more prone to blemishes.

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4. Setting your make-up with hairspray

We all know the feeling, you've done your make-up perfectly and then two hours in and you're looking a whole lot less slick.

As sad as that can be, the answer is not using hairspray to fix your make-up.

You can use a fixing spray from somewhere like Mac, or, why not try Avene's Thermal water spray?

5. Using out of date make-up

Nearly everyone is guilty of using make-up that's past its use by date.

Just because it looks OK doesn't mean you should use it.

Liquid based cosmetics are the worst; you really don't know what kind of bacteria can be lurking in your mascara.

The average shelf life of mascara and lip gloss is only six months.

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