The best cheap, surprisingly good makeup

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We've been around the makeup aisles for some time now. So, we thought we'd share the best surprisingly good products that are actually cheap. Like, under £5 cheap!

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We absolutely love the joy of pricey makeup. Sometimes you can't beat a bit of Clarins Radiance Balm or Estee Lauder lipstick.

However, we will never say no to a good bargain and sometimes the affordable stuff is just as good.

Having tried all manner of slap, we've got a few secret cheap products that seriously work and they're all under £5!

Miss Sporty Liquid eyeliner

We're not sure if there's a clue in the name but this Miss Sporty eyeliner doesn't budge, even at the gym.

Ok, so we don't advocate makeup when working out, but having accidentally experienced it with this on our lashes, we are true fans.

It is easy to apply, comes out black and doesn't crack through the day.

studio-lash-eye-liner-miss sporty - surprisingly good cheap makeup - best products -

Miss Sporty Studio Lash Eyeliner,, £2.79

Rimmel Concealer

Concealer is quite a personal product depending on desired coverage and skin type, but this one is thick enough to actually cover blemishes and blends easily.

The creamy texture and stick applicator makes it easy to use either under or instead of base - just have to hope one of its five shades match your complexion.

hide the blemish concealer - rimmel - suprisingly cheap good makeup - best -

Rimmel Hide The Blemish Concealer,, £3.99

Maybelline Matte Powder

This powder does just what you would hope; it's matte and reduces shine, however unlike many pressed powders it is light and doesn't leave skin feeling dull or caky.

Can you ask for anymore?

maybelline matte maker powder - surprisingly good cheap makeup - best -

Maybelline Matte Maker Powder,, £2.99

Barry M nail varnish

When it comes to nail varnish we're fussy about a few things; range of colours, streaky or thin bold colours, texture on application, shine and finally longevity.

Compared with big name, more expensive brands Barry M does seriously well in all of these categories.

Sadly nail varnish never lasts that long, no matter how much money you spend.

Barry M - nail paint - varnish - surprisingly good cheap makeup - the best -

Barry M Nail Paint,, £2.99

Sleek blusher

For those who like a natural look from their blusher, this is a great budget option.

There's no pearl or shimmer which appears in most cheap blushers and the colour blends easily for a soft cheek.

sleek - powder blusher best cheap surprisingly good makeup -

Sleek Blush,, £4.49

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