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This week our celebrity agony aunt Kate Middleton is here to answer all your relationship dramas...well in spirit anyway.

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There are few relationship dilemmas that can't be solved by looking at the exemplary behaviour of the Duchess of Cambridge.

This week we answer your questions according to the simple mantra: What Would Kate Middleton Do?

Dear Handbag,

I really fancy a guy at my halls at University but he's one of the posh set - even posher than me, in fact. He only hangs around with Hooray Henrys, or "Yahs" as the other students call them. How can I get close to him without making a fool out of myself?

Caroline, Durham

Dear Caroline,

It's simple. You're just going to have to become one of the boys. Kate Middleton was the only girl allowed into Wills' gang at St Andrews and she didn't achieve this by simpering around with gaggles of girls at the Uni Bop.

No, she talked to the Rahs at their own level (shouldn't be hard) and didn't make her intentions obvious. Men with money can smell desperation a mile off and while desperation may get you laid it won't get you paid, sister. Ingratiate yourself with the friends and he'll soon see the real you.

PS Don't forget to use expensive conditioner. He may be posh but he's not blind.

Dear Handbag,

My boyfriend's gone away with the military and I really miss him, plus I'm worried about what he's getting up to. How can I stop myself from plunging into a depression?

Marie, Manchester

Dear Marie,

Well you can stop using the word "depression" for starters - your mental health shouldn't depend on a man's presence or otherwise. Keep yourself busy, as Kate did, with work, friends and hobbies and spend time getting to know what really makes you tick.

Look forward to a romantic reunion but don't pin all your hopes on it - remember, the woman this man fell in love with wasn't a lovestruck fool who could think of nothing else. Well, hopefully not, anyway.

Dear Handbag,

My partner has cooled off our relationship saying he needs "space" and that he's too young to settle down, even though he loves me. Should I give up hope?

Claire-Louise, Cardiff

Dear Claire-Louise,

Oh, for a crystal ball... For every couple who reunited after a split, we know several who didn't. Just remember that it doesn't necessarily mean the end - look at Wills and Kate. She grudgingly but demurely accepted his fear of commitment, hung on in there and her patience was duly rewarded.

But again, the great Kate didn't sit around moping: she partied hard, got super-fit (Dragon Boat race optional) and - here's a crucial one - stayed friends with her ex and his family. He says he still loves you, so don't give up - but don't give into the temptation to play the waiting game, either. A watched pot never boils, eh?

Dear Handbag,

I'm getting married next weekend and I'm terrified! Loads of my fiancé's family are going to be there and they're dead posh. Any tips about making sure my more, er, down-to-earth family and friends don't embarrass me?

Sarah, Brighton

Dear Sarah,

If this lot are as posh as you say then you could take a tip out of the royal book and send all guests an etiquette handbook - an email will do. Kate and Will's guests were all sent instructions about important issues such as when to take off your top hat and not to touch the Queen, although that might not be quite so relevant in your case.

But the best advice is not to worry about what everyone else is getting up to and enjoy your big day. If your husband-to-be loves you he won't care what your rellies get up to - he'll be too busy grinning from ear to ear about having landed such a beautiful bride.




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